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What is a Transformational Church?

  • People Become more like Jesus
  • Churches Act more like the body of Christ
  • Communities Reflect more like the Kingdom of God

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Transformational Church

Have you ever wondered why are some churches are consistently creating disciples whose lives are being transformed by the Gospel and others are not? Is there a secret to transforming believers into disciples? What does it take for a church to be transformational? To find out, LifeWay conducted a comprehensive research study of the modern American church. The result is Transformational Church!

Transformational Church helps you understand the conviction that your ministry is and should be different from mine. Our culture has changed dramatically in the past years and continues to change. That is why we need to closely examine our culture, our church practices, and the mission of the church in order to develop our own strategy to accomplish that mission within the context of our own culture. Every church community is unique in its own right and Transformational Church will help you determine a process of how to help your congregation join God's mission of sharing the Gospel and making disciples in your church and your community. When we lead our people to practice this biblical concept, our members become more like Jesus, the church acts more like the body of Christ, and our communities are transformed for the kingdom of God.

One of the problems with so many churches is that we have become distracted from the mission of the kingdom of Christ. The temptation is to become building-focused, inward, self-absorbed congregations where people become spectators. The building and activities of the church at times become more important than God's kingdom. We have to be intentional in our outward focus, looking for opportunities to connect with others and befriend them for Christ.

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